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Stand With Belarus!

Our calls for the release of all political prisoners in Belarus!...
To promote democracy and civil society in Belarus!
To promote democracy and civil society in Belarus!

Belarusians celebrate Freedom Day on March 25 — one of the main national holidays. Many people will take to the streets despite the massive repressions that take place since last summer. You can Support Belarusians on this day by expressing your solidarity!

Since the widely disputed presidential election in August 2020, thousands of peaceful protesters have been detained, tortured and some even killed. The regime is waging a sinister crackdown on all forms of dissent, real or imaginary. This ranges from detaining and torturing peaceful protesters, passers-by and even flower sellers, to arresting pensioners and persecuting people wearing red or white clothes (the colours of the flag of Belarus first adopted in 1918 during a brief spell of Belarusian independence), eating red and white candy or even hanging the red and white Japanese flag in their apartments!

How to show solidarity with Belarusians?

  1. Take political action. Ask your legislators to initiate and adopt resolutions/proclamations in support of the Belarusian struggle for democracy.
  2. Hold or participate in a solidarity rally with Belarus in your city (following local Covid-19 restrictions) or organize a symbolic action such as lightening the landmarks in your city.
  3. Write letters to political prisoners in Belarus or take patronage over one of them.
  4. Write a tweet / social media post or take a video in support of Belarus with the hashtag #StandWithBelarus».
  5. Wear white and red colors of the national Belarusian flag.
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