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Atlantic Council Prepares Biden’s Strategy for Belarus

It is reported that Biden has «a historic opportunity to create an international coalition in support of democracy in Belarus»...
The report is called very pathetic: «Biden and Belarus: a strategy for the new administration»
The report is called very pathetic: «Biden and Belarus: a strategy for the new administration»

The Eurasian Center of the influential Washington think tank, the Atlantic Council, has made recommendations for the US President-elect Joe Biden — the huge report, in fact, proposes a strategy of the White House administration towards distant Belarus.

The authors of the report are journalist and diplomat Anders Aslund, deputy director of the Atlantic Council Eurasian Center Melinda Hering, former US Ambassador to Uzbekistan and Ukraine John Herbst and ex-US Ambassador to Russia, former NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow.

The authors of the report believe that Biden should meet with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya (it is believed that it was she who won the presidential elections in Belarus in August 2020) in the first 100 days as US president.

Bloody protest. Lukashenko’s forces continue to kill citizens of Belarus

The death of Roman Bondarenko became the fourth in the course of three-month protests in the country

Quoting the most important points of this large-scale document: 

  1. The United States should call Alexander Lukashenko former President of Belarus; 
  2. US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher should take up her post in Minsk and visit Vilnius as needed, but not hand over her credentials to Lukashenko;
  3. US should impose sanctions on companies that deal with Lukashenko’s private finance;
  4. The United States should threaten Russian companies and businessmen with sanctions if they seize Belarusian companies or support the Lukashenko regime financially or politically;
  5. The United States should also impose sanctions on Russian media and journalists involved in propaganda campaigns against the protest movement in Belarus.

The report also notes that the US Congress should give specific instructions to the State Department to spend at least $ 200 million annually to support civil society and the media in Belarus. 

The Atlantic Council is the American think tank created to promote cooperation between the United States and Western Europe.  The council was founded in 1961 by NATO.  The council is not legally affiliated with the US government or NATO.  The organization’s events are often attended by American politicians and officials, including ex-presidents, as well as NATO officials.  In 2019, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office recognized the Atlantic Council as an undesirable organization.


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