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WhatsApp in 2021: more spam, less loyalty

WhatsApp management is clearly trying to avoid scandals involving the misuse of personal data by third parties, such as with Facebook...
Do you want to continue using WhatsApp? Then we have bad news for you
Do you want to continue using WhatsApp? Then we have bad news for you

From February 2021, the WhatsApp messenger will clearly demonstrate the cannibalistic habits of its direct owner represented by Facebook — according to the new terms of use of the messenger, you will soon have to agree to them, otherwise you will not be able to use the service further.

WhatsApp is a popular free instant messaging system for mobile and other platforms with voice and video support. Since October 2014, it is owned by Facebook Inc. WhatsApp messenger became free on January 18, 2016.

The WhatsApp developers have warned customers that users who wish to continue using the application will have to agree to the new rules for using the messenger. Those who do not approve of this policy will be forced to delete their account.

If the user clicks on the agree button, then it will be possible to use the application on the new terms from February 8. After that date comes, the person will have to re-accept the new rules. If the user does not want to receive a notification, then he will receive a message asking him to delete his account permanently.

The most popular in the US market is Facebook Messenger. 73% of the population aged 18-29 use Facebook Messenger and 30% — WhatsApp, aged 30-59 — 66% and 25%, respectively, and in the age of more than 60 — 43% and 6%.

What exactly will the new conditions be, has not yet been announced to the public. These are expected to affect data processing and the way how third-party companies and brands will be able to use Facebook’s services to manage their WhatsApp chats. Thus, WhatsApp management is concerned well in advance to avoid possible future scandals with the processing of personal data by third parties — as is regularly the case with Facebook.

It is also reported that in the versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, built-in notifications about news and messenger functions are being implemented. Such notifications will not come in a separate chat but pop up as banners inside the application — links and buttons for performing the necessary actions will also be displayed there.

New mailings are expected to appear in a few days.


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