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Bloody protest. Lukashenko’s forces continue to kill citizens of Belarus

The death of Roman Bondarenko became the fourth in the course of three-month protests in the country...
Foreign legal institutions state the default of law and justice in Belarus
Foreign legal institutions state the default of law and justice in Belarus

On the night of November 11, a 31-year-old citizen Roman Bondarenko was delivered to the central hospital of the capital of Belarus, the city of Minsk, with a large cerebral edema, closed craniocerebral injury, hematomas, bruises and abrasions. Doctors performed a operation for many hours, but the chances of survival were minimal. On November 12, Roman died without regaining consciousness.

Protest actions in Belarus began in May 2020 with the start of the next presidential campaign. Since the day of voting, August 9, 2020, the situation in the country has been characterized as a political crisis. The harsh actions of the security forces against the protesters provoke new protests. For three months in Belarus, 13 thousand people were detained, four people were killed, about 140 employees of law enforcement agencies and more than 700 protesters were injured.

Roman ended up in the intensive care unit of the hospital after an incident on one of the streets in Minsk, where a small political meeting took place. At some point, unknown persons came to the yard of a residential building to cut off white-red-white ribbons, which in Belarus are an unofficial symbol of resistance to the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, the illegitimate president of the Republic of Belarus. A conflict arose between the security officials (and, of course, it was them) and the locals.

Roman Bondarenko

According to witnesses, at some point Roman was dragged into a minibus without plates by several unknown people. Then the young man was taken to the local police station, from where he, being in a critical condition, was handed over to doctors. According to the witnesses of the incident, Roman received the most serious injuries either in the minibus or in the police.

Roman Bondarenko officially became the fourth victim of the terror of the Belarusian security forces:

  • The first victim of the protests was 34-year-old Alexander Taraikovsky, who died on August 10 near the metro station;
  • On August 12, 25-year-old Alexander Vikhor, who had heart disease, died in Gomel. He died as a result of many hours of waiting in the van of the detained security officials in hot weather;
  • On August 19, 43-year-old Gennady Shutov, one of the people on whom the security forces opened fire to kill in Brest on August 11, died in a military hospital in Minsk. A bullet wound to the head irreparably damaged the brain.

There is also information about two suicides of people, somehow or other connected with the protests in Minsk — these are Konstantin Shishmakov and Nikita Krivtsov.

On September 1, UN High Commission on Human Rights reported that the location and physical well-being of at least 6 people were unknown.


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