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Unstoppable Russophobia! «Any next US president will be against Russia»

«Political consultant» Anatoly Wasserman believes that the course towards «Russophobia» will continue regardless of the election results...
Russia wants a pro-Russian president in the White House, but there was none
Russia wants a pro-Russian president in the White House, but there was none

The Russian Federation is also (in a peculiar way) preparing for the results of the US presidential elections. Yet today, the Kremlin is making it clear that it will perceive any of the newly elected White House bosses as a personal enemy. This is clear from the words and brains of its «political analysts».

On November 3, regular elections are held for the post of leader of the American nation. This time the range is even poorer than it was in 2016 – now there are only two ancient functionaries, one of whom has already led the main country of the world, and the other wants to clean up after him and start all over again. Alas, neither the former nor the latter is clearly unable to bear the challenges that befell America in the monstrous 2020 on their old shoulders.

Biden or Trump will need to gain the support of more than 270 electors to get a golden ticket to the White House

Anatoly Wasserman, «Stalinist»

So they are unable to find in themselves the desire for peaceful coexistence with Russia. In recent years, the only form of communication between Russia and the United States has been an ever-increasing list of sanctions from the latter in relation to the former. It is not surprising that for some time now the «political consultant» Anatoly Wasserman, better known as the participant in a number of intellectual games on Russian television, sees only a conflict in the future relations of the two superpowers:

«It is definitely not worth expecting any significant positive changes in Washington’s relations with Moscow after the elections. From my point of view, this is reasonably. I completely agree that any American president will continue to try to conquer us (Russia)».

The pro-Kremlin «experts» do not get tired of blaming the US exclusively for what is happening, because, in their opinion, America’s «monopolarity» and its intolerance to attempts by other countries to express their opinion is «in the very essence of the United States»:

«The anti-Russian policy has been pursued by Washington for decades, since the 1950s, and is continued by every next American president. The United States strives for power over the entire world…»

It is strange that Wasserman has not yet said that the whole essence of America is to exist exclusively in spite of Russia.

The US presidential election began on November 3. Counting the election results can take as long as a day or weeks. This time many Americans voted by mail, and it will take an unusually long time to analyze their correspondence.


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