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Safe Lives Matter! US government security forces get ready for post-election riots

Security and law enforcement agencies consider it their duty to be ready for any development of the situation, although they do not have any information about the upcoming unrest...
The closer the election, the hotter the news!
The closer the election, the hotter the news!

Two departments of the US Department of Homeland Security in one go suddenly announced that they, like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are, too, intensively preparing for the presidential elections. Sounds like a warning… a warning? The threat? One way or another, but officers of the Border and Customs Service and Immigration and Customs Police are ready to «defend the freedom of America»!

Ken Cuccinelli

Border and Customs and Immigration and Customs Police forces could be brought in to help secure federal buildings, the Acting Deputy Minister of the International Security Service, Ken Cuccinelli said:

«We have prepared teams if the need arises. But we don’t have any definite intelligence finds about any threat of violence».

«Peaceful protests»/looters

Obviously, additional forces will have to be attracted to ensure order on the streets if there is no clear winner following the results of the US presidential election. Either the American people will allow themselves to be convinced that massive falsifications have taken place with their electoral right (which, however, has never happened in the history of the United States, in contrast to practically all post-Soviet republics).

On October 24, Donald Trump voted early in the country’s presidential election in West Palm Beach, Florida. «I voted for a guy named Trump,» the American leader said at the time.

The nervousness of the situation is added by the repeated careless statements of the current US president, when Trump, on his Twitter account, vaguely hinted at “some action” if the election results did not suit him. Also, the president at various times liked to think about his “third term” (which is contrary to the US Constitution).

Even Republicans do not like such statements. So, in September, Mitt Romney (the Republican candidate in the 2012 elections) publicly condemned Trump, making it clear that in America only a peaceful transition of power is possible, and “without that, there is Belarus”:

The US presidential election will be held on November 3, but early voting in several states has already begun.


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