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Wrong electric point? The Americans destroyed all the Russian medical ventilators

They say that the decision to destroy the devices was influenced by the fires in a number of Russian hospitals in May this year. Initially, the Aventa-M ventilators were...
They didn't use rescue devices due to the lack of plug adapters?
They didn't use rescue devices due to the lack of plug adapters?

In early April, Russian authorities dispatched a plane to the United States with medical supplies and equipment to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to 45 medical ventilators, the Americans were given 15,000 respirators and 1 million medical face masks. There were no questions about respirators and masks, but all medical ventilators were recently destroyed. Why is that?

According to Russian experts, the devices could have been destroyed due to their uselessness. The fact is that in the United States there are other parameters of the electrical network than in Russia, and, of course, before sending equipment there, one had to think about it. Because it is impossible to transfer a patient to artificial lung ventilation on a device that is unstable and can turn off at any time, this poses a threat to his life.

Aventa-M ventilators

But there is one more thing. The news about the disposal of devices looks especially interesting against the background of the fact that the other day the plant of medical devices that produced the Aventa-M ventilators became involved in the investigation. The enterprise was accused of «selling or importing substandard medicines or medical devices into the Russian Federation». Even earlier, several hospitals were on fire in Russia, and these were Russian medical ventilators that were claimed as the cause of the fire.

But the version with the difference in networks still looks basic. Earlier it was reported that the devices sent were not used by American doctors specifically because of the difference in the voltage of electrical networks (in the USA it is 110 volts, in Russia – 220 volts) and the lack of special adapters in clinics. Since then, Russian medical ventilators have been in special warehouses in New York and New Jersey.

Of course, the Russian Kremlin immediately found politics in this scandal. On October 20, the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, State Duma deputy Gennady Onishchenko qualified the situation as «a an absolutely primitive politics».

According to him, information about the alleged technical incompatibility of Russian devices and American power grids sounds hollow, because each hospital could be allocated adapters for electric points:

«The devices and forced breathing equipment that we gave them are used in all our medical institutions and have already saved more than one hundred thousand lives. So all this is primitive political maneuvering».


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