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Hype on hypersonic weapons. USA and Russia compete who is faster!

Americans still have three years of testing before they catch up with the Russians...
The Cold War has gone into a hypersonic stage
The Cold War has gone into a hypersonic stage

The United States and Russia have begun a new stage in their unannounced Cold War — now American and Russian politicians twirl «hypersonic» weapons in front of each other.

Thus, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in a recent interview stated the following:

«In March, the US Army and Navy got past an important point when they jointly tested a hypersonic boost-glide weapon. We intend to integrate this technology into the Ground Forces battery by 2023».

Presumably, when Mark said this, he smiled broadly!

The Secretary continued:

«We are increasing our investment in hypersonic systems over the next five years so that testing can be accelerated, and the means handed over to combat units as soon as possible».

However, Pentagon officials have repeatedly admitted in recent months that the United States has lagged behind Russia and China in the production of hypersonic weapons. Esper pointed out on December 7 that the United States found itself in this area «in the role of a catch-up».

Hypersonic weapons — what is it?

So, what are the Americans catching up with? Obviously, this is about Avangard, a Russian guided missile system equipped with a guided warhead.

Hypersonic wars!

If you believe the Russian military press services (and this is not always worth doing), then Russia really does have hypersonic weapons. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently reported that the latest Avangard hypersonic missile complex with a hypersonic maneuvering warhead is already in service with the Russian army — and this happened back in December last year.

Nevertheless, not much more is known about Avangard than about American similar weapons. According to scarce data, this rocket can pick up speed of 27 times the speed of sound and carry up to 6 nuclear explosives. And it kind of really flies:

Launch of Avangard in December 2018 especially for the main fan of missiles — Putin

On the one hand, it should be noted what a technological breakthrough Russia has made. On the other hand, its latest development is another weapon of death, by which the country, where almost every seventh Russian is below the poverty line, threatens the West. Surely, this development costed millions of rubles taken from the pockets of Russian taxpayers, who, of course, were not asked whether they wanted to spin another miracle rocket in front of the Pentagon’s nose or not.


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