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Go West! Rapper Kanye West is still trying to become the president

Earlier the rapper promised to officially change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West...
The USA history has seen the president, who was the actor before. Now it’s rapper’s turn
The USA history has seen the president, who was the actor before. Now it’s rapper’s turn

Presidential election campaign of the richest rapper in the world, having turned into slapstick right from its very beginning, has seemed to be serious only for its own sponsor. 43-year-old Kanye West has published the visual a short while ago, in which he addressed his electorate, at least he thinks so, with the maximum calmest face.

Apparently, not realizing in what other ways he can waste his one and half billiards of wealth, in the summer of 2020 the rapper all of a sudden declared his presidential ambitions. This statement raised a laugh in the media, by which West was definitely upset and anyways started his election campaign. He was not very good at it — volatile colored musician was crying oftentimes in the public spotlight, saying some incoherent things and, in fact, raising suspicions of his adequacy.

The latter was fueled by the information that his wife, public lioness Kim Kardashian, regularly calls on her husband to fix his brains in the appropriate clinics, or at least take courses on anger management. But West’s thoughts were always somewhere far away.

And some days ago, the presidential candidate in the United States was delivered of his new campaign video:

In it, the rapper raises issues of racism in the United States, talks about faith, alludes to police violence, and goes out of his way to make it clear that if he is elected president, Americans will finally reach a level of a good life. Afro Americans, probably.

It is worth noting that although West is an actual candidate for US presidency in the current election cycle, according to experts, his chances of winning are negligible. The 2020 US presidential election is tightly divided between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, so West is more likely aiming at the 2024 election campaign.

To the point

According to the latest polls, in the 2020 elections, Trump’s rival Democrat Joe Biden has the most chances to win. This is indicated by data from a survey conducted by Opinium Research and The Guardian. It is emphasized that 57 percent of US voters are ready to vote for Biden. At the same time, only 40 percent of voters plan to cast their vote for Donald Trump. However, these numbers really mean little – according to all such polls, Hillary Clinton should have won the 2016 elections, but this did not happen. In the US, there have already been cases where most Americans simply did not want to provide truthful data in public polls.


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