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Support Belarusian Pro-Democracy Activists and Their Families!

Thank you for your solidarity. For our and your freedom!...
Donate to victims affected by the arbitrariness of the security forces
Donate to victims affected by the arbitrariness of the security forces

In autumn 2020 largest USA cities are welcoming unusual billboards brightly colored white-red-white. Their creation was initiated by Belarusian immigrants, who use this way to spread the information about the current situation in Belarus.

For example, here are the billboards in Boston (Massachusets)

Belarusians in North Carolina went further: via 4 billboards they also aim to gather money for political prisoners and people who got in legal trouble in Belarus, where laws and constitution don’t work anymore.

So, giant billboards appeared in four Carolinas’ cities: Charlotte, in Wilmington, in Myrtle Beach and in Fayetteville. The vision was embodied and financed by the NC Belarusian community, everything done just in 4 days.

The idea behind these billboards is to call on the American people to get involved in charity. You can donate, too!

Use link belarustogether.com/donate to find out how you can help Belarusian people in their resistance movement!

About situation in Belarus

The sixth presidential elections were held in Belarus on Sunday, 9 August 2020. The Belarusian people were deceived, as most of the votes cast for the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya got attributed to the current president, Alexander Lukashenko. The protests broke out in all Belarusian cities, towns and even villages, followed by violent clashes with police and government launching rounds of brutal repression.

On the night of August 9, riot police used water cannons, stun grenades to disperse peaceful protesters all over Belarus. People’s only ‘fault’ was the demand for fair vote count at the presidential election.

Hundreds of Belarusians were injured and thousands were arrested in the act of unprecedented police brutality. In Minsk, a prisoner transport vehicle ran rammed a crowd of people, injuring at least two people and possibly killing another.

This was a culmination of the months-long wave of detentions peaceful protesters and supporters of alternative candidates-to-be in the upcoming presidential election. Journalists, bloggers, and politicians are thrown into jail under trumped-up charges. Repressions are reaching regular people who are brave enough to wear a t-shirt with a protest slogan or stand in a line to buy one.

We need your help!

We ask you to support victims of repressions and their families by sending a donation to #BY_help – a civic campaign that collects funds to help detainees and their families with their basic needs: payment of fines, access to lawyers or compensation for the loss of the only source of income, as well as much needed medical support to the injured. Since 2017, the campaign has gathered dozens of thousand US dollars, all of which have been given away to those in need.


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