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15-meter man in «Area 51» Found?! (or a bunch of garbage)

An amateur ufologist notes that «the position of the figure changes»over time....
What is it if not a giant secret combat robot ?!
What is it if not a giant secret combat robot ?!

The one who is seeker will be a finder. And if we are talking about a top-secret weapon, he will find it even where there isn´t anything! Thus, the author of YouTub channel UFO Sightings Daily «found» in the famous «Area 51» a silhouette resembling a giant human figure. For this «sensation», the blogger needed only Google Earth service and, of course, his own imagination.

Area 51 is a military base, a remote division of Edwards Air Force Base. Located in the United States in southern Nevada, 133 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas. Presumably used for experimental tests in aeronautics and weapons systems. Air traffic over Area 51 is prohibited.

So, analyzing satellite images of the famous classified military base, the author of UFO Sightings Daily «found» an object resembling a human figure in shape. Judging by the measurements of the channel’s author, the height of the figure is about 15 meters. The blogger believes that the object he discovered may be a huge secret military vehicle of the Pentagon, and he is preparing for real combat operations.

However, in the comments of the channel they say to the blogger that in fact his «giant robot» may turn out to be a mere pile of garbage. In addition, it is not clear why it did not occur to the American military to hide a terrible military vehicle, at least under a tarp — after all, everyone knows that Google satellites are constantly photographing this area in the state of Nevada.

Giant war robot? Oh no

Bloggers, ufologists and just amateurs of conspiracy are constantly exploring «Area 51», analyzing Google maps. Getting there in reality is not possible unless you serve in the US Army. This secrecy breeds rumors, conspiracy theories and just all sorts of nonsense, when ordinary people confuse their dreams with reality. As in our case!

UFO-182. Пентагон показал американцам НЛО (про которое и так все знают)

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