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So slow. German punk legend Nina Hagen supports BLM

Nina Hagen promises to release her new album in 2021...
It seems we don't need this punk rock
It seems we don't need this punk rock

While in America itself, the «homeland» of the Black Lives Matter movement, the activists and antifa who have joined them are already perceived with irritation, putting it mildly, European musicians continue recording songs in their honor.

Nina Hagen is a German singer, punk rock musician, songwriter, actress. They call her «the mother of German punk.» Nina Hagen has a unique vocal range of four octaves.

George Clinton is an African American composer and vocalist. Along with James Brown, Clinton is considered one of the founders of funk. In 1997 he was introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The other day 65-year-old half-forgotten Nina Hagen and as it happens still living funk classic 79-year-old George Clinton joined BLM six months later. Hagen presented her new track Unity, in which the punk poet shared her personal experiences from the assassination of George Floyd and subsequent protests in the United States and around the world. Unity became Nina’s first new song in 9 years:

Frankly speaking, the track is not too new. The song was already written in summer:

«The Unity track was created right after the incredibly cowardly and brutal assassination of George Floyd. This song is about an unbreakable dream of charity. Aspiring human values, social unity and justice.»

Judging by the text, in the declining years, the once aggressive punk diva became much calmer and even more toothless: «Let’s enjoy the unity in the human community, there is no place for negativity, positive vibrations surround the peoples of the world!»

It only remains to remind Nina that the death of drug addict and criminal George Floyd was not as straightforward as it seemed to us all this summer, and the investigation of his death continues. And the protests due to his death led to the death of 9 people, demolitions and the rise of the antifa movement, its very existence now threatens all America. But, of course, Nina is already completely uninterested.


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