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Epic Wars. Apple continues its senseless war with Fortnite developers

Telegram, Spotify, Netflix, Match Group, Airbnb, Basecamp, ClassPass, and Facebook have voiced their support for Epic Games...
Apple believes the current conflict can be easily solved by removing virtual payments from the game
Apple believes the current conflict can be easily solved by removing virtual payments from the game

The creators of the top online game Fortnite recently released an update that allowed players to make purchases bypassing Apple and Google stores that charge for it. Google and Apple evidently got mad — and the war began.

What is the essence of the conflict?

Epic Games Company has offered to purchase virtual money V-bucks used in the game through direct payments instead of Apple and Google app stores. This allowed reducing the cost of in-game currency, as in the case of direct payments users do not pay commissions to Apple and Google. For example, the App Store commission is about 30%. In Google Play 1000 V-bucks are offered for $ 10 when purchased through Google Play store, and for $ 8 through Epic direct payment. It is clear which option the user will choose in this case.

Epic Games has defied the App Store Monopoly! Freedom!

Scandal following up

  • First. Fortnite was removed very quickly from App Store and then from Google Play. Why? For violation of the “general rules”. Although everyone understands that in reality, due to the huge loss of profits (counting multi-million audience of the game);
  • Second. Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple over the policy of the App Store (previously a lawsuit was filed against Google). In a lawsuit against Apple Epic Games accuses the company of anti-competitive and monopolistic behavior;
  • Third. Apple has notified Epic Games that on August 28, all developer accounts owned by Epic Games will be deactivated, and Epic Games will be deprived of all development tools for iOS and Mac. Google has been silent for now.

It seems that this war is just a beginning — with the largest players in the entertainment industry standing up for Epic Games.


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