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This is war. Belarusian President Lukashenko opened up fire on his own people

In Minsk and in other cities there have been real battles between the population and security forces for several days already....
Does Lukashenko want to impose a curfew in the country?
Does Lukashenko want to impose a curfew in the country?

The sixth presidential elections were held in Belarus on August 9. According to official figures, 65-year-old Alexander Lukashenko, current president of the country, won. This is his sixth victory and the sixth occasion to say that he is not legitimate!

Riot police clash with Belarusian protesters

According to the figures provided by the Central Election Commission of Belarus, the results of the sixth presidential elections in Belarus look like this:

Alexander Lukashenko4 652 42380,23
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya574 3129,90
Anna Kanopatskaya97 9261,68
Sergey Cherechen65 7841,13
Andrey Dmitriev60 5431,04
Total5 798 908100

However, Belarusian people did not believe these data. The presidential campaign was carried out in monstrous pressure on opposition voters (the main candidates were thrown in jail or fled the country), censorship and incessant state propaganda.

In response to the official results of the elections Belarusian people came out to the central streets of the country’s cities in order to defend their votes. All meetings were supposed to be peaceful and democratic. But the government responded by introducing the Special Forces, army and elite emergency response units. Special equipment was also used against people – water cannons and armored carriers.

Rubber bullets, diversionary grenades and, according to some reports, traumatic weapons were also used against the protesters. The Internet practically hasn’t worked in the republic for several days, and the access to the largest independent information sites of the country is blocked.

On August 10, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus announced the first person killed in street clashes. The ministry filed his death as if an unnamed man had been blown up by a homemade bomb, but no proof was provided. There is an assumption that he died from the explosion of a diversionary grenade.

We call on the world community to turn its attention to what is happening in Belarus and express its readiness to defend peaceful protests in this country!


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