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Cheapie from Google. Pixel 4a Smartphone features

Google is trying to lure iPhone SE buyers with its «new-old» Smartphone (2020)...
The common will be proud of it. Smartphone-savvy people will pass by!
The common will be proud of it. Smartphone-savvy people will pass by!

$ 350 (up to $ 389 in the US from Amazon) for a Smartphone by Google itself — could you imagine this just a few years ago? However, it’s reality — the media giant has finally paid its attention to the «poor». Now they’ll have a decent new Smartphone. Decent, but far from the best.

What exactly is known about Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a release date and price:

Google Pixel 4a release date: Aug 20 (US), Sep 10 (AU), Oct 1 (UK)
Google Pixel 4a price: $349 / £349 / AU$599
Just one configuration, one color and no larger Pixel 4a XL

The obvious cons of the new Pixel 4a:

  • Plastic case. Previous Google models were made of metal;
  • The camera is inherited from Pixel 4 (drawback because there is no development);
  • The glass is simpler than Pixel 4 has;
  • No face scanner;
  • The processor (Snapdragon 730G) is less powerful than previous flagships had;
  • The battery capacity is quite «modest» — 3,140 mAh;
  • No wireless charging;
  • Smartphone has only one main camera module.

The obvious pros of the new Pixel 4a:

  • Price;
  • It’s still Google!

To conclude: Pixel 4a is a simplified version of Pixel 4. The new Smartphone has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Its diagonal is smaller than usual: the display is 5.8 inches.

What Smartphone Buyers Really Want

Pixel 4a was clearly meant to be a competitor to the iPhone SE (2020)

The device from Google has a flagship camera and OLED-matrix, and the iPhone SE 2020 is equipped with a powerful processor from the iPhone 11 and a glass body. While an inexpensive Apple Smartphone is valued $ 399 for a model of 64 GB permanent memory, Pixel 4A of 128 GB will cost $ 50 less — $ 349.

Let’s recall Top 5 most popular Smartphones in the US (and there is no Google there!):

  1. 49% Galaxy S10;
  2. 48% Galaxy S8;
  3. 47% Galaxy S8 +;
  4. 46% Galaxy Note 8;
  5. 46% iPhone 8.

The Pixel 4a will start shipping on August 20, pre-orders available.


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